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Since 1991, we have been helping foreign companies succeed in the Czech Republic.

Operating in an unfamiliar country is never easy, you need a partner to help you think around the corner and anticipate.


We are the oldest Executive Search company/headhunter in the Czech Republic.


In 2021 we will be celebrating 30 years. 


We have filled thousands of positions for hundreds of customers.


We can work for you not only in the Czech Republic but thanks to our partners in almost 50 countries around the world.


Our services

We have a total for five areas in which we help our customers:


Executive Search in the Czech Republic

We have been searching for employees for middle, senior and top management for 30 years. We have hired candidates who have been able to improve the companies they manage in the long term, can withstand media pressure, or patiently create value for their owners.


Executive Search abroad

Thanks to our organisation CFR Global Executive Search, we can help companies find employees in almost 50 countries on all continents. See 

Organisation development

We have excellent know-how for organising facilitations, workshops; we can organise Open-Space-Technilogy events, for which we use the trademark Korporátní kavárna (Corporate Café).

Order-to-Cash (O2C) analysis can reveal your organisation’s weaknesses that are holding you back.


Executive Interview is used by our clients for independent evaluation of final candidates for promotions.



That is probably where it all begins. Let’s meet, you can explain what is bothering you.

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